Classes & Workshops

New beginners' courses usually start in Aberdeenshire venues every term. People with a little T'ai Chi experience are welcome to get in touch to see if they may join an ongoing group at their level of experience. Please call or email for information.


One to One and small group classes are always available at the studio near Hampton Court. £30 - £35 per hour.

I study and assist as an instructor at London classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as at workshops with my teacher, Mark Raudva. Go to for these class details.

We also run one-off workshops and courses for schools, colleges and organisations, please get in touch.

Teaching drama students at Central School of Speech and Drama
'China Day' workshops at a school in Tooting

Aberdeenshire classes

Caroline teaches workshops Friday evenings and all weekend, one weekend per month, 8 months of the year, with Mark teaching a mini-intensive 3 day workshop in October. Information and dates are always available on the blog under 'Aberdeenshire workshops'. Please get in touch for details. Classes are held at many venues, with new classes starting when needed.

Contact the instructor directly for classes, times and addresses at your nearest town. Alternatively, contact enquiries [at] greatrivertaichi [dot] co [dot] uk and I will forward your email to the local instructor.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Caroline has held occasional workshops in Gothenburg for 6 years, those with experience of Cheng Man Ching's Short or Long Forms are welcome to get in touch to join the ongoing study group. There are usually Spring and Autumn weekend workshops.


At all venues each weekly 1.5 or 2 hour class is divided up into 3 sections:

  • Pushing hands: This is the part of T'ai Chi that allows us to work on the principles in relation to another person.
  • Warm-up exercises or Chi Kung: Warm-up exercises or Chi Kung: A set of exercises to relax the body, calm the mind and stimulate our natural energy.
  • The Solo form: Each week the form is learned posture by posture. We look at the applications of the posture to give meaning to our solo practice.

Missed classes may be caught up at Sunday drop in class in Aberdeenshire. To book your place on any course or for more information - tel: 07732 659104 or email:


Intensives and Introductory Workshops for Great River T'ai Chi students with Mark Raudva or myself are held regularly throughout the year in Aberdeenshire. I also help organise and assist at Mark's London workshops which many of my students attend. Contact Caroline on 07732 659104 to book a place or enquire. All upcoming dates for the workshops below are on the blog, just search for 'workshops'.


All classes are held near Inverurie and cost £20 / £15.

  • Friday 7-10pm. Sabre, Sword and Staff (Spear)
  • Saturday 1-4pm Short Form workshop, beginners and less experienced students are very welcome
  • Saturday 5.30-8.30pm: Push Hands, Ta Lu, Wabu, knocking, etc.
  • Sunday 1-4pm: Long Form
  • Sunday 5.30-8.30pm Dance (San Shou), uprooting, silk-reeling, etc.


Kingston, near London.

The 11th Annual Week Long Intensive will run from 23rd-29th July 2016.

Friday 7-10pm. The regular Ta Lu, Wabu, knocking, San Shou practice session.

Workshop: Saturday 2pm - Friday 9.30pm (2-5pm and 6.30-9.30pm daily). Come on the first day and then for as many days as you can come to subsequently. £44 / £24 per day. We all bring food to share at the dinner break. There are spaces for Mark's or Caroline's students as well as other people to stay with students in the hall if you are coming down from Scotland or from elsewhere, at no extra cost. Details of local B&B and self catering accommodation are available from Caroline. These weeks are wonderful times to work deeply in a friendly group with exceptional teaching in a beautiful and historic stretch of the river Thames.

All students are welcome to these workshops, including those from different schools or styles. Please enquire by email or call 07732 659104 for availability and suitability.

I assist at T'ai Chi Weapons Training days with my teacher, for details see my blog.